Fragola – Kids Organic Meal Delivery

We love the idea that “A little help never hurt” especially when it comes to parenting.  It honestly takes a village to raise our littles each day.  So why not let those who can cook/meal prep — and do it well — do it!

We were contacted by a lovely woman named Augustina who started a new company called Fragola.  We actually interviewed her for a nanny position a few years back and since then she’s launched her own business  – preparing and making organic meals for babies and toddlers in a meal delivery format. Each week families receive a new shipment of healthy meals, in a box with ice packs.

Meals are diverse and full of exciting, balanced foods.

Here’s a snapshot from the Fragola website:

We believe the journey of introducing food to your little one should be fun, easy and stress free. We believe in healthy eating, and we believe that healthy eating habits start young.

Fragola provides a full-service meal plan for your babe (or babes). We provide individually packaged 100% organic meals: no added sugars, salts, artificial flavours or preservatives. At Fragola we recognize that between grocery shopping, prepping the food, cooking the food, blending the food, portioning the food, and labeling the food… it’s a lot of work. Not to mention, the least favourite part: cleaning up the mess! So, let Fragola do it for you. Less mess, equals more time to spend with your little ones. After all, a little help never hurt.

We’ve tried the “chunky meals” and our toddler is a huge fan.  The first night he devoured chopped sole, cabbage, carrots and potatoes.  It honestly smelled like I had made a gourmet meal when I heated it up.

We’re going to try purees for our youngest son next week and will keep you posted.

So far, these food pods appear to be a great idea.  It’s one less thing to think about each day.  I know there’s a healthy meal waiting for them 3 x day, every day.



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