FlyeBaby Airplane seat

Prior to my first flight with my infant son (he was 8 weeks at the time) I bought the Flyebaby Airplane Seat.  I saw it in a store and figured I would give it a try.  Essentially, it’s a piece of heavy duty fabric with a 5-strap adjustable harness that attaches to the table tray on the back of the seat in front of you and then wraps around your waist. The hammock it forms between the seat and your waist creates a front-facing sling-type seat for infants.  After your baby is too big for it, you can strap it to a chair to transform a seat into a high-chair.



The Flyebaby has mixed reviews on and

In my opinion though it works for its intended purpose, in specific circumstances, and I would use it again for my next child.


Flyebaby connected to the seat and my waist with my 8-week-old son snug and secure during flight


It’s lightweight and easy to transport onto the flight (doesn’t take up much room).  I found it easy to connect as well and my son absolutely loved it.  As a parent, you’re hands-free for the duration of the trip too which is great.  When baby gets fussy it’s just another option to help settle him/her.  The ability to have eye-contact with your infant while flying is beneficial too.  The incline is also ideal for bottle-feeding.


Slightly cramped space with inclined seat in front of us; however, my son still loves the face-to-face interaction



The issues that others have encountered, and which I understand, is that when the person in front of you reclines their seat the sling/hammock style seat isn’t as taught so the baby slumps over a bit.  We used sweaters and coats underneath his bum to alleviate these issues and just adjusted the harness traps throughout the flight.  It’s also a bit difficult to fasten if you’re traveling by yourself.  Obviously, your child would be in your arms/lap and you don’t have the hands to set it all up.  Finally, it has a very short lifespan if solely considering it as a baby seat for flights.



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