Dual Portable DVD Car Player Inquiry

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There’s a funny age with road-tripping kids when they’re too young for common car games (like eye-spy, license plate games and so on) and too old for rattles, mobiles and baby books.

We’ve been in this grey area for a few months now and they only thing that makes long car rides tolerable (my parents live seven hours away) is a screen with TV shows.  I know it’s not the best solution, but if you knew my toddler you would understand why we’ve gone this route.

Regardless of the controversy around screen time and kids, I’m actually writing this post to gather some feedback on other’s experience with portable DVD players for cars.  We’ve gone through two different brands with very little success. I’ve also read reviews on popular online sites (amazon.ca, bestbuy.com and so on) and many people seem to have the same issues – stalling screen, skipping DVDs, volume concerns – no matter the price range.

I’m reaching out for feedback from other parents (can email us privately using the contact section or comment below) on your experience with DVD screens.  Let us know if you’ve had success, how often you use it, how long you’ve had it etc.  We’d love to compile from information for other parents looking for these products.


We’re hoping for suggestions on dual screens (for those with multiple kids).


Thanks and happy road tripping!!

Angie & Rick


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