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These days, everyone is on a budget.  And, for some families, even that budget is on a budget.  We’re all looking for ways to make our money go that extra mile — especially for those of us who love to spend on travel on top of our everyday necessities.


We were approached by PC Financial (President’s Choice Financial) to join a month-long challenge to track our reward points using one of their credit cards. A lot of families were taking part in this voluntary exercise and we could see their successes adding up via their social media posts.  Since we already collected PC Plus points and Shoppers Optimum points, it wasn’t a stretch for our family to shop at the stores that rack in the most rewards.

As a family of five (with three growing boys under our roof) we figured this challenge was a perfect partnership with our family, blog and brand.  So we jumped on board.

There are different levels of the PC Financial Mastercard, but the World Elite version gets you the most return on every dollar you spend.   Their mandate is for customers to simply go about their business (shopping, traveling, living) and earn reward points –without any banking fees.

Sounds too good to be true, but, alas, it’s not.

In six easy steps (and about 5-10 minutes) your family could be earning the following, simply by paying with your PC Financial World Elite MasterCard:

(1) No Annual Fee

(2) In our stores 30PC Points per $1

Shoppers Drug Mart 30 PC Points per $1 spent

EssoBonus of 3 cents per litre in PC points

PC Travel 30 PC Points per $1 spent

PC Mobile monthly service 30 PC Points per $1 spent

(3) Everywhere else

10 PC Points per $1

If you’re still not sure what all of this could mean for your family, you can always try out their free online point calculator which uses your average monthly expenses to show you how much cash back you could be earning just by using the right card.

What seems to be the ticket to savings for most families is the fact that there are no annual fees and you’d be shopping at these stores and buying these items anyway.  It’s not like you’re being asked to shop in specific stores that would be a stretch for your family.  The card earns 3 x the points at all LCL stores.

When we first embarked on this journey, we weren’t sure what to expect.  But as word got out about our partnership, lots of families wrote to us explaining how they also love @PCFinancial.

Some save all of their reward dollars for grand occasions like the festive holidays or annual family vacations so they can cash it all in any pay for big events with earned points.  Others make it more of a game where different family members can cash in points at different stores.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking to maximize how far your spent dollars can take you, in terms of earned reward points, this is a great card to consider.  There are annual salary expectations as well as employment and so on.  But, that’s standard for a lot of cards of this nature.

For more information, check out the PC Financial website.



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