Comfort Food Basket: The Perfect Gift for the Traveling Family

Traveling families are a special breed – they’re often adventurous, ambitious and centered around “experience.”  With the holiday gifting season nearly upon us, we figured it was the perfect time to highlight one of our must-have gifts for busy families: a prepared meal gift-basket.

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Summerhill Market Fall Feast

Imagine coming home from a vacation, unpacking the car/luggage, and then sitting down, with your kids to recap the trip…all while enjoying a hot, well-balanced, comforting meal?!  It sounds like a major pinch-me moment for many parents.

But, it can be a reality and has been for us on many occasions.

Family Travel Guide, Summerhill Market

Summerhill Market, Toronto, Ontario

There are incredible options out there for prepared, home-cooked meals, like Summerhill Market, which is located in Toronto, Ontario.  We’ve been feasting on their delicious entrees for a few years now and simply had to spread the word and the love.

Summerhill Market offers everything from an in-store market experience to an online basket delivery option.  They’ve got desserts, salads, appetizers, mains, quiche, soups and more.

Family Travel Guide, Family Gift ideas

c/o Summerhill Market


Before we head out on road trips or vacations, we ensure that we’ve got a few meals waiting for us at home.  It really takes the stress out of arriving back home —  we’re always over take-out food (most families dine out a lot while traveling) and knowing that there’s something balanced and homemade waiting in the fridge or freezer provides peace of mind.

The pasta dishes (Carbonara is our family fav so far) are out of this world – it’s like bringing a restaurant into your home with that chef-quality taste — and the complete meals (with protein, veggies, mash and gravy) are an amazing fall/winter option.  Rick loves the Prime Rib meal.

So, if you’ve got family to buy for this holiday season (maybe your own family, your assistant, a teacher or so on) and you’re not sure what to select, we highly recommend a food basket.  Most parents don’t even know how much they’d appreciate receiving something like this until they’re in the moment — enjoying a delicious, fresh, seasonal meal, without having to do any work.

There’s been a lot of hype around the meal subscription services, where all ingredients for a meal get delivered to your door, and they’re great.  But, it’s an elevated experience when you can get that same quality without having to do any of the work.

Prepared, homemade meals are even ideal for new parents (who’ve just brought baby home), families coping with illness or death, or just busy-working parents who want to provide diverse, great meals for their brood but don’t always have the time to do so.

For more on Summerhill Market, visit their website: click here.

How do you unwind after a busy vacation or trip?  Let us know!


Happy travels

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