Camp Care Package

 kids-summer-camp-clipart-dT8pgqATeSending your kids to over-night summer camp is an exciting right of passage.  Whether it’s their first year heading off on their own, or they’ve already been going for years, kids invariably grow up that little bit more (and gain more independence) through camp.
So what can parents do to show they’re thinking of their kids when they’re far from home singing around a camp fire?  Well, there’s a new accessory you’ll want to pack up for them.  It’s called the Doodle Post, Camp Care kit.
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The Doodle Post is a mail order craft subscription which offers a monthly package full of supplies needed to complete a thought-provoking project.  They’re designed for kids aged 5-10 years old.
The Camp care package is a special version –designed to be mailed out to campers.  They come with everything your child needs to complete a craft, plus a cute camp letter and diary.  They’re designed specifically for “him” and “her” and are the perfect little camper surprise.
My kids tried two kits (mini hockey sticks and a book mark) and they loved it.  My 11-year-old step-son and two-year-old, did them together.  The crafts are cute, easy to follow and encouraged them to work together.
For more on the craft care packages, visit Doodle Post.
Tell us what you send your kids to camp with and we’ll share your ideas for other parents in future posts!

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