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Bugaboo Fox Stellar Stroller

Do you find yourself taking nighttime walks with your little one? I know a lot of parents enjoy the quiet solace on the streets during the evening hours.  If you’re one of those families that enjoys being out, no matter the time of day, this stroller will interest you: The Bugaboo Fox Stellar.  The world renowned Bugaboo brand is launching a new, limited-edition stroller that offers reflective technology (in the wheels, chassis and zippers) so the stroller can be seen up to 150 meters away.

It’s a great option for city streets, country strolls and vacations.

We know all about trying to walk in the dark on city streets because we spent our early stroller years in the heart of downtown Toronto.  In the winter months, it’s dark at 5:00 pm!  With pedestrians rushing home from work, joggers trying to carve out a path and dog walkers walking to and fro, it can be difficult to find space and be seen.

Then there’s travel: when we’re visiting areas in different time zones, we find ourselves up and out when everyone else is sleeping.  We’ve tried to track down breakfast at 4:00 am in Los Angeles (because our kids can’t shift to the new time zone very easily), for example.  So a stroller that’s easily visible to other traffic (both vehicular and pedestrian) would be an added bonus.


Our friends own the original FOX model …

Fox Stellar Stroller

Bugaboo Fox Image c/o Bugaboo.com

…and the new ‘Stellar’ is of the same design: smooth steering, easy to push, super comfortable for baby, compact design, a weatherproof under seat (which is also made from recycled materials so it’s durable and environmentally conscious) and sturdy wheels.  If you’re already familiar with the brand, you likely know what I’m talking about.

The Bugaboo Fox Stellar features (as outlined on a press release we received):

  • Reflective accents: 3M scotchlite reflective technology, visible up to 150 meters
  • Reflective technology built into the wheels, chassis and zippers
  • Sleek midnight blue fabric with steel blue lining
  • Grey faux-leather grips
  • Weather-proof under seat basket with cover (which is key for snow and rain)
  • Rain cover with reflective strips

The Bugaboo Stellar Fox is available this September and starts at $1,449 CAD

Note: the information obtained in this post is primarily derived from a press release and intended for your information only.  No money or product was received in exchange for coverage nor have we tried out the FOX or Stellar Fox stroller.


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