BubbleBum Junkie (car organizer) Review


The Bubble Bum backseat organizer is holy grail to road trips.  It’s the perfect way to transform an otherwise standard vehicle into a kids’ paradise.

In a nut shell, it’s a compact plastic looking case (with handles for ease) that can fold up into itself and then back out into an organizer.


When the Bubble Bum Backseat Organizer isn’t in use in a vehicle, kids love playing with it.  It doubles as almost a mini kitchen type play set.  My son sets his drinks, cups and play foods in it when we’ve got it in the house.  He loves that he can open and close different compartments and slide out the trays.


If you’re not familiar with all of the functions, check out the Bubble Bum website.


To highlight our favorites, we enjoy the little snack trays that slide out (think airplane or train meal trays that come out from the hand rest and then tuck back in).  The removable cooler bag is another fun feature — great for lunches and snacks on the go.

IMG_1629 IMG_1631

If you’re a road tripping family, we recommend ordering one online, or picking one up at a store, to help ease the “are we there yets??”

Our only other note is that it doesn’t work with car seats so you might want to wait until kids are out of them.  We found that the little trays didn’t pull out or function and since both our kids are still two and under, it will have to do as an indoor toy for now.

Happy road tripping



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