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This year marks the first official year that our son Jack truly understands some of the basics of Christmas. He’s excited about Santa Claus, all of the lights and enjoys festive activities.

To start some family traditions early (he’s now 21 months) we decided to get him an Advent Calendar this year (hoping it will become an annual thing from here on out).  We started the hunt a month ago and consistently left stores empty handed. Most choices for calendars result in kids opening up chocolate, candy or useless tinker toys.  While I am not against any of the aforementioned options (I grew up on the $1 chocolate advent calendars myself) I wanted something that would be appropriate for a toddler.

Then we struck gold.  We came across the Playmobil holiday collection, which offers a range and variety of the most adorable, captivating, engaging toys.  So, we had to share…

back of box

For $31.99 Jack opens up — piece by piece, day by day — another addition to a holiday themed play set.  We got the standard option (featuring Santa Claus, an Elf, all of his magical critters, and a sleigh).  But, there are plenty of options at a variety of price points.


Various Playmobil Advent Calendar Options

This is, hands down, one of the more fun, festive kits we’ve ever seen.  We opened it all up just to assess it for the blog, but you can easily put all of the items back in the cardboard doors.

IMG_3056The packaging is actually quite durable and if price became an issue when considering this as an annual option, you could always mix up the order of the toys when putting them back in the box and reseal it for future fun.


The box is durable and toys can be placed back inside for future use

This gets a solid two thumbs up.

IMG_3061 IMG_3058



Where to buy the Playmobil Holiday collection (click to activate links:






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