Working out While Sick and Pregnant?!?!


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There’s nothing like the feeling I get after I finish a workout.  I repeat after I finish a workout.  The “before” mind-game is a little less motivating.  But throughout my second pregnancy, I am determined to #makeithappen on a regular basis and push past my mental blocks.

That said, this past week, not only was Rick away in London, England for work, but I also got slammed with a dreadful head cold.  Usually, colds are manageable and not worth writing about.  But, when you factor in a 5.5 month pregnant woman who cannot take any medicine, things can get ugly.


Thanks to Goodlife Fitness @Goodlifefitness and their new push towards people breaking past their everyday excuses not to work out, I decided to push on.  Since my husband was away, I packed up my toddler and went to the States to visit my parents (and get some much needed help).  Even though I wasn’t in a gym, I made it happen.

My second trimester pregnancy routine consists of a body guide training program (not designed for pregnant women) that takes about 30 minutes to complete.  I banged out push ups, free weights and extensive leg exercises.   At the end of it all, I always felt so proud of myself and it was worth it.  I love that we’re all starting to acknowledge that for the majority of us, working out isn’t always fun or something that we look forward to each day.  It makes it (almost) more manageable and bearable to make fitness apart of my everyday life.

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Get the ok from your doctor before continuing full push ups (or even variations) beyond your first trimester.

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Using a ball with free weights also helps to engage the core so you get a two for one type deal.

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Some of my pregnancy workout must-haves.

How do you stay motivated to exercise in those off moments?  Like, right now, writing this post, I’ve eaten so much Halloween candy that I can’t even stomach the thought of hammering out my 30 minute routine.  haha



Note: This Blog post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own

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