Pfaff Auto (Porsche) turns its attention toward female shoppers

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Angie Campanelli at Pfaff event

I joined a group of media savvy personalities and influencers for a fun event at Pfaff Auto in Vaughan, Ontario.  This gigantic Porsche dealership offers all of the luxuries you’d expect of the high end brand: shopping (for clothes, jackets, bags, model cars etc.), a coffee bar, expansive windows and A+ customer service.

Pfaff hosted all of us in a day full of pampering and Porsches that successfully meshed together masculine and feminine notions.  The all-female attendees enjoyed everything from manicures and specialty coffees to yoga and car test-driving.  It’s all part of the company’s new initiative to reach out to women, whom they believe are a powerful influence when families or spouses choose a new vehicle.

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Andrea Bain, Host CBC The Goods at Pfaff Event

They’re all about focusing on empowerment (which they did through a Joga session) and embracing a women’s need for speed.  More and more females run empires (especially personal empires now that social media and blogging are turning into fulltime careers).  Most of the people in attendance have strong personal brands, like Porsche, so it was interesting to see it all come together under one roof.

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Rebecca Wise of Event Wise

Are there certain automobile brands that you associate more with men, families or women?  What do you think of when you see a Porshe?  A Toyota?  A minivan?  Who drives the shopping decisions in your household or do you make them together with your partner?

We’d love to know your car of choice for road trips too.  Do you prefer speed or space?  Or, a combination of both?

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