‘Fresh’ & New Summer Fun Ideas

As a family of five (with three boys and two “big kids” ruling the roost) we’re always looking for the ultimate ideas in terms of summer fun. In the hot months, that often means pools, water/amusement parks and water fountains. We’ve partnered with Snuggle Fabric Softener to give you our top 7 tips to get the most out of summer vacations!

(1) Have fun “weather” it rains or shines!
Embrace your family adventures regardless of how the weather unfolds. A lot of parents plan
trips expecting sunshine, but even grey, cloudy days can be ideal for fun. We find, with a baby
and a toddler, that warm overcast days are actually ideal. We don’t have to worry as much
about sunstroke, heat stroke or burns.  *Note: sun protection is always recommended*

We were nervous about the grey skies at Wet n’ Wild Toronto, but it turned out amazing and everyone loved it.

(2) Take the time for extra moments of love
As parents, we’re always trying to inject personalization and sentiment into our family
adventures. For example, we use Snuggle Fabric Softener on towels before heading to
outdoor attractions, such as Wet ’N’ Wild Toronto; when the kids are
exhausted and refreshed from the water, there’s nothing better than embracing them in a
warm, soft summer snuggle.


Traveler tip: Have some dry towels on hand for the drive home from waterparks, like Wet ‘n Wild Toronto.  Kids often get a bit of a chill being in water all day.  We found that having some extra, dry towels in car, made for the perfect #summersnuggle on the way home.

(3) Cash in on reward cards
A lot of families use reward cards and memberships to rack up points and save money. We
often review all of our point card standings, credit rewards, etc., to see where we can save and cash out.
You’d be surprised at how far this can go. From free groceries to poolside attire, you can score
up to 10 x the points (with the right cards) and then cash them out for free everyday savings.

(4) Check the fine print
Emails you already subscribe to or memberships that you already have often offer big savings
during the summer. From AAA and CAA memberships to Costco, cardholders can save big $$$
on events and attractions. For example, use a Costco card to buy passes to main attractions and
the movies or use daily subscription websites (like Groupon) to pick up those last minute tickets.

(5) Pack Light
When packing for a big family, we end up with a ton of bags which can either cost a lot (to check
in on planes and trains) or take up too much room on road trips. Pack clothes that can be
repeatedly worn. Reduce wrinkles and wear/tear by washing clothes with Snuggle Fabric
Softener (or using the dryer sheets) to reduce static cling and combat wrinkles. You might still
have to iron a few things when you first unpack your bags, but the fabric softener really helps
your clothes look crisp and fresh (and smell good too) while traveling.

(6) Two Town Rule
Sometimes heading just two small towns away, and unplugging from the world, can feel like a
vacation – minus the travel time and expenses. Simply exploring new streets, shops and ice
cream parlors can feel as though your family went on a glamorous trip (minus the headache for
parents of arranging hotels, transportation, packing, etc.). We love exploring different suburbs
and often search out small-town toy stores. Sometimes, the kids seem to prefer that over a big
tropical trip. Nothing beats quality family time!
(7) Keep things Organized to Maximize fun and Minimize Headaches
Having all of the kids out of school can feel a bit chaotic if you aren’t used to them being around
all of the time. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave the house. Make sure your house is
stocked with arts/crafts, outdoor activities and gear and keep things tidy. Often, messy closets
and cupboards prevent kids’ imaginations from activating. It’s hard to see a clear vision of fun
through the clutter. We try to keep everything in the right spots (board games all together, life
jackets hung in the garage, shoes in cubbies, etc.)

We then place Snuggle fabric softener sheets everywhere — in gym bags, suitcases, shoe
cubbies — basically anywhere that can benefit from a bit of freshness. With our family of five,
it’s a great everyday household product. We’ve even got them in inside life jackets, our son’s
hockey bag, gym bags…they just add that little blast of freshness.


Note: The article is sponsored by Henkel Canada but contains our honest experience and tips.

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