Fall 2015 Fashion Trends that Make me Cringe





As someone who has worked in fashion (in one aspect or another) for the past nine years, it feels liberating to finally have a space to be honest.  Typically, I like to embrace all trends and encourage people to try out new things.  But sometimes, when seasons change, new trends roll in that make me cringe.

This fall, I’ve seen some of my least favorite looks emerging: fur stoles, peekaboo lace and massively wide-legged, flared pants.

(1) Fur Stoles 

Fur stoles

Jason Wu, Philip Lim, Thakoon and Michael Kors are just a few popular designers showcasing fur stoles for this coming season




In all honestly, unless it’s a vintage fur coat passed down from generation to generation, I’m not the biggest fan.  It’s a whole lot of animal to wear when there are so many other lasting, humane options in existence now.  We all have our reasons for/against fur and I respect the arguments for both sides.  But when it comes to the stole, what practicality and warmth does it actually provide?  They’re bascially a fashion accessory — like an over-sized scarf or neck tie (only it likely originated in some horrendous act of animal brutality).  In my opinion, it’s an unnecessary addition to most wardrobes and there’s really no need to encourage shining fashionista-wannabees to go out and track down a fur stole.

(2) Peekaboo lace

Peekaboo lace

Ladies love themselves some peekaboo lace.  But, for some bizarre reason, I just don’t. I don’t mind a little trim on the edge of a sleeve or skirt, or even a lace panel down the back of a top.  But when it’s placed over top of the girlie bits, revealing stomachs, running along the entire length of a pant (especially yoga pants) or down black tie gala gowns, I’m not a fan. Whether you’re a size two or a size 16 is completely irrelevant. It’s more about the connotations of lace overlay over breasts, cleavage, thighs etc.  It doesn’t read classy, elegant or stylish to me.  It’s sort of cheesy.  If you’re a lace lover, why not opt for lace trim, headbands, sleeves and so on?

(3) Wide legged, flare trousers

Wide leg pants made a major comeback in 2015.  Fidelity Denim sold out of their line before mid-summer.  Clearly, they’re a hit.  So why don’t I like them?  This trend simply comes down to functionality.  I’ve purchased a few pairs and styles (cuffed, dress pants, denim) and in each instance I’ve wiped out at one point or another.  Perhaps this is the fault of the wearer (me) and not the trend (uber wide flare) but either way, if I can’t walk far and fast in them, I don’t want them in my closet.

flair trousers

In one instance, I was on my way into a very important meeting. I wore closed-toe pointed boots, black wide-legged trousers and ….well, the rest doesn’t matter in regards to this story.  I literally stepped out of a cab to walk into the building and my heel plunked down on one of the pant legs (the wide bottom leaves lots of extra material floating about) and I completely face planted.  I had to go into the meeting with skinned knees and pebbles in the palm of my hands. I will never forget that day.  I was happy when the trend disappeared…and now it’s coming back.  Ay yi yi….



That’s my little lifestyle/fashion two cents for the day…

Enjoy your Wednesday




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