5 Secrets to Back-to-School Savings!

We’re in the final days of summer vacation which means one thing: back to school shopping!  With one teenager and one first-time kindergartener on our hands this year, we know a thing (or five) about buying on a budget.

There’s something extra special about finding your child’s must-have item without having to spend top dollar on it.  We recently discovered the online shopping savings site: Retailmenot.ca (#ad)

Here are our shopping tips to help you save:

(1) Go online

Before you shop, visit a website like Retailmenot.ca, which compiles savings from all of the popular stores/shops/attractions.  If you do this step in advance of your shopping, you’ll know exactly what you can save and you’ll have promo codes and coupons ready.  Retailmenot.ca allows you to search by store or product category so if your child wants a specific item (for example, running shoes, hockey stick, clothing) you can go online and find the best price/sale.

(2) Take advantage of FLASH sales & coupon codes

One of my favourite aspects of Retailmenot.ca is the Flash Sale and coupon code feature.  Each day, the website updates the list to ensure you’re getting the most recent deal/promo code.  It lists the code right there on the site so you can enter it when you start shopping.  For example, if your child wants something from SportChek, you can find the most current promotion on Retailmenot.ca.  Simply enter that code at the check-out area of SportChek and you’ll see the savings deducted from your purchase order.

(3) Sign up for coupon/promo codes and newsletters

Shoppers can feel leary about sharing email addresses on shopping websites, but this is one of the easiest ways to save money.  If you find yourself shopping at the same online sites, it’s wise to sign up for newsletters to keep up to date on sales and offers.  The new privacy settings prevent companies from selling your personal information and you can unsubscribe at any time.

A lot of stores also offer loyalty point systems so the more you spend, the more you can save.  These are all easy ways to make your money go that extra mile.

(4) Shop with your child(ren)

Many children are very specific when it comes to their taste in clothing, shoes, back packs and school supplies.  You’ll avoid wasting time and money by simply shopping with your kids!  This is such an easy tip to follow.  Get cozy on a couch and pull up the website together so you get an idea of what kid’s current taste.  Ask your child what they want to shop for, enter it into the search tool bar at the top of the page, and you’ll be able to navigate the online stores with the best sales.  It gives both parent and child control over the shopping experience (mom and dad can choose where to buy the item based on the best savings and the child gets exactly what he/she is looking for).  If you’re heading to the mall, take your kids with you!

(5) Don’t panic or procrastinate

Many parents find that procrastination leads to stress shopping.  They end up buying the first thing they see because they’re worried they won’t end up finding the item anywhere else.  Online shopping  helps alleviate that pressure by offering up everything in one place so you can see where the items are located and which store offers the best deal.

One of the best features about retailmenot.ca is that you can browse sales from anywhere (even if you’re standing in the actual store).

Don’t panic about not having everything on your child’s list by the first day of school.  You’ve still got time to track down the essentials.  Shopping NOW also means that you won’t waste money on items that your child won’t actually need/use.   Take your time, enjoy the process and bask in the savings.


Retailmenot.ca is not a store.  It’s a website that compiles coupon codes, rebates, discounts and sales in one place.  It’s more of a resource as opposed to a place to shop.  If you browse it BEFORE you shop, you’ll end up saving time and money.  It’s very easy to use and accessible to all so even if you aren’t used to online shopping, it’s a great place to start.  You’ll find the most popular stores on this website (Costco, Best Buy, Indigo, Old Navy, Sport Chek, Michaels and more). It’s not just a tool to save during back-to-school.  You can use it year round to keep on top of the latest and greatest sales.

Note: this post is sponsored by Retailmenot.ca yet offers Angie’s personal tips on savings and using the website.

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