Peppa Pig Theme Park: A Review

Peppa Pig Theme Park entrance

The entrance to Peppa Pig Theme Park, Orlando Florida

Your kiddos will squeal in excitement over the NEW Peppa Pig Theme Park that opened up near Tampa, Florida.

It’s the perfect pre-schooler park that is basically designed with every tot in mind.  You can nearly see from one end to the other, which makes it an ideal theme park for little ones.  It’s bright, colourful, well thought out and perfect for those peppy little piggy fans.

When you read through some of the reviews online you might come across some disgruntled park goers.  We were slightly concerned at first to be honest.  But, the smiles on our kids faces were well worth the visit and both my husband, mother and I all agreed that this is one of the best places we have taken the kids in terms of age appropriateness.  It’s definitely not designed with adults in mind and that IS THE POINT!   Here are our tips for visiting this first ever Peppa Pig Theme Park (and it’s a must visit if you have little ones in our opinion):

(1) Plan to stay for a half day or 3/4 day.  It’s not a massive place like some of the other world renowned parks you’ve likely heard of or visited and that’s the whole point.  It’s entirely designed around tots and wee kiddos so they don’t end up seeing rides and attractions that they can’t go on.  From the second you entire the park, no matter where you turn, it’s entirely toddler/little kid friendly.  So there will be no tears or frustration with those pesky height restrictions.

(2) Bring in lots of snacks or dare we say a picnic meal!

It’s a brand new theme park so the staff are still ironing out some kinks.  There is a restaurant with some tasty options (the chicken caesar wrap, grilled cheese, mac n’ cheese and milk shakes are delicious and made fresh) but the line ups were quite long and service was slow.  We saw a lot of more seasoned people who packed lunches and moved through their visit with ease.  That said, our purchased meals were quite yummy.  But, you need to be prepared to wait in long lines until the park works through their service.

(3) Map out the bathrooms once you arrive.  

We all know that when kids need to go, they need to go!!! So make sure you know where the loo is in terms of where you are within the park.  There are plenty of well-cleaned stalls and the restroom is located quite central.  But, depending on where you are in the park, it can take a few shakes of a lambs tail to get around the coaster and around the gardens to get to the facility.  They don’t have them all over the place like other parks.

(4) Set timers. 

The photos with characters happen quite often and you can’t see the stage from some of the rides.  So if you want to nab those photos with Peppa and her family, find out the schedule and set those smart phone alarms.  It’s quite a simple day and an easy park layout.  But time can get away from you.  So avoid any disappointment by prepping for those singalongs, performances and meet-and-greets.

(5) Bring a wagon or stroller if you have a wee one.

Although it’s a quaintly sized amusement park, you might want a stroller or wagon as a landing pad.  Although we didn’t need one (for our 6 and 8 year olds) we saw a lot of families using one to cart around their toddler.  It’s also a good spot for snacks, swim attire etc.



The water park is amazing and you won’t want to miss out on it.  So pack swim suits, hats, water shoes, and towels.  There are NO towels available at the park and seating is quite limited.  So bring along your pool gear.


(7) Take advantage of the free fair games!

The fun little fair games are entirely free and encourage the kids to feel independent.  Children (and adults) can play as much as they want and try them over and over again (which we know kids love to do).  So be patient and let your kids go wild at the fun fair.  This is likely one of the rare times they will get to try out a bunch of games for no fee.  We went back to this section a fee times and even Grammy got involved and played here too.

(8) Be prepared for the kids to want to be independent.

Kids are running and roaming free all over this theme park since it’s designed for kiddos.  There are hedge mazes, playgrounds, sand pits, mini coasters etc.  None of the activities are built for adults.  So kids can finally just do their thing and sort of leave parents in their dust.  It was so great to see our little ones bond and build up their confidence.  We let them do coasters on their own.  Choose their own adventure.  Run from one activity to another.  It was magical.  This was the only park we have been able to do this in.

(9) We think the ideal age range is any child still in the Peppa Pig phase under the age of 10 or so (max).  Or son, w


Overall, we could likely go on and on about Peppa Pig Theme Park. There’s a lot more to say about it.  No, there are no big attractions.  Yes, the food is expensive, the service was slow etc. You might encounter rude staff here and there and it is smaller than Legoland, Universal and other larger theme parks.  But, you have to understand that some of those criticisms are the point of it.  Peppa Pig is a show for young children.  The Park doesn’t target teenagers like a LegoLand.  Your kids are meant to come in here and feel safe and not get trampled by families or visitors of other ages.  There was a sort of “safe” feeling within the smaller fence.

Is it perfect?  No.  But what theme park is?  We went to Elmo’s World in Sea World, but again, you need to go through a much larger park to get to that smaller area and many people pass through.  You encounter a lot of age groups, profanity etc. in those situations.

Overtime, we presume the park will work on the delays, long lines. acquire more food etc.

Patience my friends….

As always, let us know if you have any specific questions about PPTP.


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