Fun Summer Activities to do at Home

Looking for some fun, inexpensive at-home activities?  Look no further than this list of our family favourites:

(1) Make your own summer sundae. Let kids get creative (and messy) with ice cream and toppings.

(2) BYOB – Build Your Own Board Game

We’ve made everything from card games to detailed board games.  All you need are basic art supplies and some paper and you’re good to go (it’s a great rainy day activity or camping activity)

(3) Start a summer video blog with your family.  Give the kids control of the camera and let them capture favorite moments.  Use a simple editing app to regularly create a fun synopsis each week

(4) Blend creative (healthy) healthy ingredients for homemade fruit ice cubes, popsicles and slushies

(5)  Set aside a special time, each day, to read aloud a family classic. It’s a great before-bedtime family activity or something to do on a rainy day, while camping.

(6) Use water and paint brushes to paint the driveway, side walk or exterior walls of house in a mess free yet totally entertaining way!

(7) Kids too young to camp? Pitch a tent in the backyard and emulate the camping experience to see how they handle it all.

(8) Make a backyard bird and/or squirrel feeder.  Use pine cones, sticks, nuts and nut butter to create a DIY outdoor feeder. Use string to hang it from a tree, sit back and watch the critters enjoy it!

(9) Neighborhood scavenger hunt! Make a list of items in your area for the kids to find (we do this all the time at the cottage)  You can include everything from house numbers, number of windows and basketball nets, to lawn ornaments, bird feeders and cars in driveways.  Possibilities are endless.

(10) Backyard dance party!  Dig out those festive lights and decorate the yard.  Play some family friendly tunes, serve punch and let the kids loose.

More resources:

For downloadable fun, check out the free kids’ games and printable activities on

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