Wet Wednesday at Camp Campanelli

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It’s Wet Wednesday at Camp Campanelli, which means we’re finding fun products or activities that help families cool off.

If each Wednesday, during the summer, you find something fun that incorporates water, it’s just one more themed day that’s easier to plan.

This week we’re shouting out the splash pads in various cities.  A lot of them are completely free or charge a nominal fee.  We find that kids last longer at splash pads than they do in pools (young kids aged seven and under).  They’re a lot easier for parents to supervise too (no or low threat of drowning) and kids get creative in the games they play.

If your children seem to be getting bored of the same place, simply type “splash pad” or “splash park” into Google.  If you allow your location to be found, a map will pop up showing all of the water parks in your area. Most splash pads are near a playground so we try to make a day of it.

  • Pack a picnic to share in the neighbouring park
  • Bring towels and a dry change of clothes
  • Bring water shoes, Crocs or slip-on type shoes as some parents don’t want their children running bare foot
  • Bring a few collapsible chairs for your comfort while supervising
  • Tell your children a story on the car ride to the park about a pirate invasion or the hunt for the glowing green lizard (for example).  That way, when you get to the splash pad, they can continue the story line in their imaginations.

Overall, keeping cool in the summer can be affordable and fun.  I know some parents feel as though their children are too old for splash parks, once they start school, but you’ll see kids of all ages enjoying those giant dumping buckets, water sprayers and more.

Summer time is about embracing childhood so try to get even your oldest kids out for some good old-fashioned #WetWedneday fun.


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