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It’s the final stretch before summer break!  Two months of uninterrupted fun!  Are you worried that your kids will eventually get bored this sunny season?  Is camp not an option for your little ones (either due to your kids’ ages, budget restrictions, transportation issues etc)?

Well, feat not!  We’re going to show you how to bring the fun and freedom of Summer Camp (for adults and children) to your own home.  It’s time to get creative, get those hands dirty (and wet) and revisit your own childhood.

We’re encouraging parents to be present and playful this summer (and all year round) with some easy-to-incorporate tips.  We’ll also be featuring some top summer activities, day-trips, backyard decor, pool safety guideline and more.  So link up to our social media (@AngieCampanelli @Famtravelguide @Rick-Campanelli) to stay on top of it all.  We’re also lining up a slew of amazing giveaways and prizes linked to our summer fun guide.

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If you’ve got any suggestions of popular day-trips, camping must-haves, backyard games (etc) send us a message so we can check it out and potentially feature it in this exciting new series!   We will be rolling out other exciting opportunities and family-friendly events throughout the next few months so be sure to check back and follow along.

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