Toddlers get a bad rep, but…

It’s the 13-18 month age range that’s the most difficult to fly with.

You often read tales of the terrible twos and threes and while I agree with this (at times) when it comes to travel, at least those little rascals are a bit more predictable and easier to reason with.

Our 14 month old, although a total sweetheart by day, turns into the tasmanian devil in confined spaces.  Whether it’s a long road trip, or a flight, he just won’t sit still.  No amount of parental entertainment will suffice.  We try everything – new books, dollar store trinkets, snacks, phones, apps…anything to keep him occupied.

Our three year old, on the other hand, sits relatively quietly, playing games, watching toddler apps etc.

So, beware of the pre-toddler when traveling…

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