Summer Bucket List

To us, the May long weekend is the time of year that really kicks off summer.  Although it’s not technically correct (based on the calendar), to us it sets the tone for the fun to come.

A fun family ritual that we wanted to share is the idea of the “Summer Bucket List.”  Before the season is upon us, why not sit down with the entire family and create your own to-do list of fun, desired activities?!  It’s a great way to set the tone for the coming months and gives parents the opportunity to map out the 8-10 weeks of fun ahead.  It’s also a great way to balance the interest and needs of everyone in the family (including mom and dad).

so go ahead — give it a try and have some fun.  Create a large visual board with everything from magazine cut-outs and pamphlets to charts and text.  Put it up somewhere in the home where everyone can see it and feel free to modify things as the days unfold.

Happy travels




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