Sneaker Con, 2017

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The “greatest sneaker show on Earth” is now making it’s rounds to include even more footwear enthusiasts all around the world – including Canada.

If you haven’t heard of Sneaker Con (meaning you likely don’t have a pre-teenager or teenager in your home) then here’s a brief breakdown:

It’s a day of buying, selling and trading with all of your favourite “Shoe-Tubers,” hype beasts, content creators and more.  Attendees will get to see the largest sneaker collection in the world.

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It started in the USA and has since spread its wings to fervent snaker fans in the UK, Canada, and lots of US cities.  When the tour stopped in London, UK 250 vendors displayed more than 100,000 shoes.

For Torontonians (or those visiting the “6 six” or in the general area) they’ll get to experience this rare, exciting exhibit on Saturday, Oct 14th, 2017.  Sneaker Con is coming to Enercare Centre (located near downtown Toronto) between the hours of noon and 7:00pm.

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The event then heads to other popular cities like Las Vegas and Memphis.

It’s the new phenomenon that everyone’s talking about so be sure to follow along on social media and check it out if you can.  It’s family-friendly and packed with history, modifications and other exciting footwear features.

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Tickets: $33.72 each

For more information, check out Sneaker Con’s official website.

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