Rick takes on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Last night, while the rest of us were deep in sleep, my brave, courageous husband embarked on a life-changing experience — he’s currently climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, in Africa, with World Vision.  The mission raises funds and awareness to help end child slavery.  It’s a heartbreaking cause and I’m so glad he is taking the time to do this.

Did he train for it?  No (but he’s regularly active so he’s pretty confident).  Am I worried about him?  A bit.  But, I know he’s in great hands with JD Scott (of HGTV, the Scott brothers), Chris his camera person and Alicia, from World Vision Canada.

We’re out of touch with one another for the next couple of weeks (besides sporadic calls from a satellite phone) so here’s a little blog prayer for their safe and enjoyable journey.






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