My love for Friday Nights

Since childhood, I’ve had a love for Friday nights.  The allure of a weekend free of school, work, drama (back in high school) and stress always gave me a playful energy rush.

Now, as a busy mama, I still get excited for Friday night, even though every day is technically a Friday around here.  With neither parent currently working fulltime, we’re both home, so we could theoretically plan a movie night and/or stay up late any day.  But, for some reason, I still stick to that same adolescent schedule.  Monday through Thursday we’re pretty strict with bedtimes, meals and so on.  But, come Friday, we wake up with that extra pep. I find myself chasing after the kids squealing: “it’s Friday!  Mommy’s favorite day of the week” multiple times a day.

Usually, I’m in bed at my usual time and nothing much truly changes on this “special” day.  But it’s just the idea around have that special weekend time together.  I guess I’m starting early and getting our two toddlers prepared for school days where everyone tends to count down to the weekend.

Do you do anything special on Friday, after school, to kick off the weekend?

Growing up, for me (Angie) it was always the night to either go out for dinner as a family or order in pizza (when my baby sister was born and dining out became more difficult).  I suppose I’m trying to start a similar tradition where the boys know what it means to chill out, stay home and reconnect with family and friends.

I’d love to hear what your favorite day of the week is and if you have any set family traditions on any given night.  I know a lot of people do “taco” Tuesday with their kids.  Anyone else do something fun?

Happy weekend!


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