Hottest July on Record

July’s going down in the record books as the hottest month EVER on Earth.  Here in Toronto, the weather was steamy with multiple heat waves and heat warnings issues throughout the month. There were days I couldn’t leave the house because I nearly melted walking downtown.

Climate change is being blamed by many people — the simple fact that the world is warmer.  There’s actual talk that this may be the new normal.  It’s frightening for sure.

The opening ceremonies of the RIO Summer Olympics alluded to what is happening with the warming world when they incorporated a graphic of the melting ice cap.  That image stuck in my head.  It feels so daunting — like something that’s just too big for us to reverse at this point.  With two little kids at home these images really hit home…what is life going to be like for our children?

I can’t imagine the summer months remaining up in the 100s/40 degrees?!  What would we all do?

How did you avoid the heat waves?



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