Help Your Neighbours in the Heat

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How it can still be this hot is beyond me.  I mean, we Canadians love a good, warm summer (after our intense winters) but, the temperatures this past week don’t want to give us a break.  It’s important to take care of yourself (and your children) during the sunny season.  We’re also encouraging people to lend a hand to a neighbour as part of our “Play-bourhood” campaign.

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(1) If you’ve got a pool or fun water activities (sprinkler, slip and slide, water balloons) knock on a few doors and invite your neighbours to join you outside.  You’d be surprised at how quickly people will take you up on the offer — so long as you offer.  Not only is it a great way to cool off, but it’s an even better way to nurture relationships.

(2) Put containers of water out for the wildlife.  We’ve been instagramming about this idea.  We’ve had quite a few drowned chipmunks and a rabbit in our pool.   Since it’s a tempting source of water in this heat, we can understand why it’s happening.  Our job as humans is to find a way to help our community and keep everyone safe and that includes animals.  So we’ve put various sizes of water dishes around our front and back yard.  Not only does it help the little critters on these hot days, but it gives you something fun to watch too.

(3) Check on your neighbours.  If you haven’t seen someone in a while knock on their door to make sure everything is ok.  Similarly, if you see a senior struggling with something *unloading the car or cutting the grass* now is the time to lend a hand.  Although most people stay indoors there are many who stick to routine (daily walks, grass cutting, grocery shops etc) so keep your eyes out on your community.

(4) Organize a little indoor fun.  Invite your neighbours over for an afternoon lemonade, card game or snack.  You can still be social while staying cool and beat the heat boredom.  It doesn’t have to be anything formal — just a nice way to check up on people, get a change of scenery and stay room.

(5) Do a routine check of the exterior of your home.  Whether you do it before bed or when you first wake up, walk around your yard and make sure everything is in working order.  It’s good to get into the routine of checking your house in this heat.   Look for wildlife in distress, thirsty plants, debris and so on.  That way, if something goes awry you’ll have a better idea of how long things have been out of place.

Just remember, there’s a reason the saying, “Love thy Neighbour” stuck and became a common phrase.  Whether you’re new to a community, or you’ve been there for decades,  caring about those around you is a sign of good faith.  Chances are, in an emergency, the people who live on your street or in your building will be there for your first simply because they’re closest (and if you’re lucky, because they care about you).  Hopefully, making small gestures, like the ones we listed, your neighbours will become friends and perhaps even like family.

Stay cool today.



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