Heading to the south of France

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Its’ here!  It’s happening.

This mama is heading off on an ultimate girls getaway with five friends.  It’s actually part of Beauty & Fashion Bloggers, Liv Judd’s, birthday extravaganza.

Since she’s so well connected, and keeps such good relationships with all those she meets, Liv arranged a trip to a beautiful, old home in the south of France.

For months now, I didn’t think I could swing it.  Between child care, Rick’s travel, finances (with two freelancers), it just seemed out of the cards for me.

But last Thursday (5 days before departure) Liv made sure everything panned out.

Rick left the next day for San Diego so I’ve been somehow trying to get sorted with two toddlers hanging off my legs (haha).  It hasn’t been that bad but lets just say that as soon as I thought I was organized (I had my tourist outfits – tanks and shorts – stacked on the bed ready for the suitcase), Style Expert, Afiya Francisco, sent a photo of the outfits she was trying to squeeze into a carry-on.  When I saw the incredible style and lux fabrics, I knew I needed to update my casual mom/work attire.

A trip to the local mall proved futile. Everything that I grabbed was the wrong size or ill-fitting.  So now, I’ve got a few hours before I head to the airport and I’ve got to do my returns, exchange a few short sizes, stock the fridge with groceries for my boys and blow-dry my hair (my hair takes so long to blow out that I actually have to write it into my daily planner.


But, did I mention that I’m sure grateful and excited for this beautiful gift (of travel with girlfriends).  I know I’m going to make some new, incredible friends along the way and I’m so thrilled to be able to disconnect and reconnect with my besties…without kids.

I haven’ traveled without my boys for longer than two nights….in over FOUR years.  I love being a mother.  I love reading them their bedtime stories.  I still breastfeed my youngest before bedtime.  All of these factors (and many more) kept me close to home.

Now, it’s time to show my little angels that their mommy lives a full life; that it’s extremely important to value friendships and alone-time; that I am going away for 6 days for THEM and me.

I likely won’t be able to blog while I am away because I honestly plan to disconnect and enjoy the south of France as much as possible.  But I will update everyone when I get back.

Here’s to low stress (I get adult separation anxiety from my kids) and tons of fun.


Happy Travels all

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