Headaches Got Me Like…

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These past few days, the intense humidity and stormy skies have got me like …

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I’ve had a budding migraine for three days.  What do  I mean by a budding headache?  Each day, it’s been getting worse and worse.  Every night when I go to bed, I cross my fingers that I can sleep away the pain,  But, when I wake up, it’s actually worse.  Today, my headache was so bad that my right eye was running from the pressure behind it.

The thing is, when you’ve got two toddlers at home, there’s no time for a headache because I don’t have the luxury of “calling in sick” to work.  I can’t take the morning off to get better or lay in the dark.   So, I’m forced to suck it up and keep moving.

There have been days where I’ve vomited in between making them breakfast and getting them dressed because my migraine has been that bad.

What triggers my headaches?  I honestly have no idea.  I’ve battled them since I was 11 years old so it’s one of those things that just seem to be apart of my life…in a big way.

When people tell me they’ve never had a headache it totally baffles my mind. How can someone go a lifetime without getting one single headache?  I usually have one nearly every day of the week.  Some days, they’re much more tolerable (meaning I can take Tylenol and continue on with my business) while other days I can hardly move.

It’s now 8:30 am and I’ve already taken two Ultra strength Tylenol, two Advil and a CBD roll-on.  It’s made my brain feel tolerable enough to get some work done.

As I type this blog post, my four-year-old is pounding on the piano in the room behind me.  There honestly is no break from the chaos around here.

Do you deal with headaches or migraine?  How do you cope?

Here’s to hoping this is the last day of my budding little beast.


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