Fresh corn: Canadian Signs of Summer

This summer, especially in Canada, hasn’t quite felt like a textbook summer.  We’ve seen more rain and overcast skies than ever before (or so it seems).  As renowned business tycoon Arlene Dickenson tweeted, this month should be renamed “Rainuary.”

But one telltale sign of summer, in our household at least, is fresh, piping hot corn.  Once we see those road side stands pop up, with fresh, bright cobs, we’re pulling over left, right and centre to get our hands on (what we hope) is the perfect dozen.

Fresh produce is definitely a seasonal shift sign in Canada.  You can basically tell what season you’re in simply by what’s available in the markets.

Choosing out veggies and fruit is an activity we try to do with the little guys.  Even if it seems daunting to get them in/our of car seats simply to pick up a half-dozen of corn, there’s this adorable little twinkle in their eyes as they get to pick out ears of corn.  It’s such a simple thing, but so many of us adults take these little things for granted.  We’re doing out best this summer to try and let the kids guide our days.  We’re moving a bit slower, spending more time in parks, letting them get (seriously) dirty, hosing them off in ice water (because that’s just what kids do) and so on.

Sometimes, as parents, we get so caught up in other things that we feel as though we forget these little guys are still just kids/toddlers/babies.  We want them to have the best childhood we can possibly give them — and essentially, that just means spending time with them.

What’s your family’s trademark summer activity?  Is there something you annually do so that the kids grow up looking forward to it?

Happy travels everyone!




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