Foodie Friday at Camp Campanelli

Family Baking

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If you’re looking for a recipe, you’re reading the wrong post.  We aren’t much of a “chef-at-home” type family (unless Grandma is in town).  But, we do love to bake as a family.

For our first “Foodie Friday” at Camp Campanelli, we’re featuring the idea of baking altogether.

We visited with Grandma who loves to make rainbow chip cakes with the boys.  So, that was our plan for today.

Some families shy away from cooking or baking with toddlers because:

  • The kids make a gigantic mess
  • They don’t know what to make
  • They don’t want to shop for ingredients that they’re only going to use once and then waste the rest
  • They don’t enjoy cooking or baking

It’s actually a very simple craft-type experience for children.  They love the mixing and stirring and you’d be surprised at how precise they are when they cook.

If your kids start arguing over doing certain tasks, have a mock bowl with flower and water ready for the other kids (alongside the one you’re actually using).  That way, the other kids can stir and mix and feel included in the process.

Packaged items are fine too.  If you’re not much of a baking family, buy the pre-made cake mixes and sets.  They’re still fun because you add the milk, eggs, oil etc.

Betty Crocker cake mix

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You can often find them on sale or at dollar stores, so they’re easy to put away for a rainy day and they’re cost-effective.

Have your kids whip up some cupcakes for a Friday Night BBQ or throw a little back sale alongside your garage sale.  Either way, making a fun meal together is such a great bonding experience.  Kids are often quite proud of what they’ve made and will even try something new when they’ve done it all themselves.


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