Florida in the Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

We’ve had a lot of people messaging us about travel plans for Florida in the aftermath of storms.

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Although major theme parks and attractions offered refunds to a lot of tourists when word of the storms first got out, it’s important to know that most are up and running within days of the end of the storm.

The economy relies heavily on tourists so a lot of locals appreciate getting the theme parks and attractions back on track — many employees feel a sense of purpose and it gets them back to work.

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Disney theme park’s hotels remained open for guests who were unable to get out of Florida, but understandably adjusted services and amenities.  Hurricane Irma was only the 5th time in history that the park closed.

It’s important to remember that safety (of both employees and tourists) is the most important factor when large storms sweep through popular vacation destinations. Whether you’re dealing with snow avalanches in colder climates or tropical storms in warmer areas, it’s important for families to be aware of what’s unfolding.  Stay on top of the news and try to think “safety” before “budget.”  Many places will offer refunds if you’ve planned to attend during the height of the storm.

In terms of visiting theme parks soon after a storm, you can expect full-service operations, great weather and (likely) shorter lines.

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