First solo vacation a success!

Well, I was worried that going away with my girlfriends, to the south of France, would be a hard adjustment for my family (so much so that I posted about it).

I was wrong.

So wrong.

Not only did I thrive being without my kids, but my kids did well without mama bear around too.

I think it was a good lesson and and a much needed break for the whole family.  Rick got to experience full-time parenting as the sole person in charge of the boys.  I got to remember what life was like before becoming a wife and mother.  I reconnected with my silly side; I listened to my favourite songs; I engaged in spontaneous, random dance parties; I walked out the front door to the villa without having to worry about applying sunscreen to two toddlers/getting their hats, waters, snacks etc.

I went to bed at 3:00 am and woke up at 10:00 am. I haven’t done that in AGES!  Although, the time change was partly responsible for that sleep schedule.  But, regardless, at nighttime, seeing the hours tickaway didn’t stress me out.  I knew I didn’t have to wake up and be responsible for the lives of two toddlers.

It’s amazing what a little freedom can do to the mind, body and soul.  I rediscovered belly laughs.  I ate my favourite foods and snacks without looking at the clock to determine if it was ok to have chocolate…and so on.

I also met new friends and learned how to reconnect with other women on a deep level.   We bared our souls.  We had deep conversations about love and life.  I know I’ll be friend with all of these women forever.  It’s as though my family tree expanded a few more branches.

If you ever get the opportunity to leave your kids behind and rediscover YOU, or if you’re feeling lost/sad/unmotivated, try a trip.  It could even be a one night stay in a nearby city.  Travel is such a great way to grow and develop.


Happy Travels

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