Bike Riding in the City

2015-05-18 10.21.36

Rick and I have always been avid bike riders.  Long excursions were a regular part of our dating life and now that we have kids, we definitely don’t want it to stop.  After lots of research (in terms of at what age you can take a child on a bike and what is the safest seat) we regularly take Jack out on the roads…well, Rick does.

I was actually the first one to try riding with Jack and it was a dream. I pedaled along quite back streets in our neighborhood and found short cuts to our favorite parks.

2015-05-18 10.21.06

Until I fell.

Yep, that’s right. I was at a super busy intersection on Queen St. and my tired locked into the streetcar tracks as I was trying to make a left turn.  Over we toppled.  Thankfully, because of our awesome bike seat set up, Jack didn’t even know that anything had happened (my body surrounds him and adds extra protection during falls) but lets just say this was my last ride.

Now, I’m a total chicken to get back up on the bike with him and I don’t know how to get over it.  Nothing happened in that fall.

Traffic stopped.

Pedestrians ran over to help move us onto the sidewalk (because we were in the middle of the road) and that was that.  Jack was checked over for any injuries and then on we went.  I forced myself to continue riding that day (and we actually stayed out for hours) but I haven’t gotten back up on the “horse” since that day.

2015-05-18 10.20.52

Any advice from other people who may have fallen?  How can I get the confidence to ride with my little guys again?

It’s such a great way to get fresh air and see the city so my goal is to overcome by fear. The issue is that we live in a very busy area of the city and all streets connecting to our have those darned streetcar tracks…


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