Beauty and the Boob

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That moment when you open your inbox and see…
“we’d like to invite you to join Freshii-fuelled, Ironman champion Lionel Sanders for a day in the life of training like a professional triathlete. Together with lululemon run ambassador Eddie Younger, Lionel will lead participants through a grueling sweat. After the final lap/burpee/squat, enjoy much-deserved juices and bites provided by Freshii. Come for the not-your-average workout…It’s going down: Tuesday, September 20 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm
And your heart sinks.
Six-a-fricken-o-clock??  WAAAAAAH  Why?  Why?
I’m all about getting out there and doing my own thing to inspire my kids and for my own sanity.  But, missing a bedtime nursing session just isn’t in the cards for me with a 7-month-old baby at home.
It’s one of those things where, if this is my last kid, which my husband and I regularly debate, I’ll be bummed missing out on moments that can never be replicated no matter what.  I’m one of those odd balls who seriously cherishes and loves those night time feeds where all is quiet in my world except for my babe and I.
So, thanks to @Freshii for the invite and to their team for putting together such a fun event. But, this is yet another thing I’ll have to live through vicariously via social media.  When it comes down to having to choose between my beauty (fitness and healthy food) and the boob (for my man), right now, the man win’s.
P.S.  Hi Matthew Corrin (founder of Freshii and former UWO classmate)!!  Very proud of you, buddy.

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