A lot of the times, when we have trips down the pipe, we sort of operate in reverse to create balance.

I tend to do all of my local tasks online to avoid having to go out.  This morning, I took 20 minutes to myself to pop online and get all of my basics sorted out.


With lots of travel on the schedule for November, I figured I deserved the break from the everyday hustle of stores.

My first stop is always for the basics: diapers, large cases of wipes, diaper genie refills, baby gourmet snacks and any other large items.  The store seriously just boxes it all up into one big shipment and it arrives at my door (usually within one day) and shipping is most often free.

Then, I hop onto stores like Joe Fresh, Carters, Live Out There and Zulily to check out seasonal clothing deals (right now we’re on the hunt for fall one-piece fleece type suits for our long city walks).

My regular online shopping is almost like going into a grocery store. I know exactly what aisles to hit (websites) and when I need to stock up on the main items.

Somehow, getting all of the day-to-day stuff done online makes organizing the family for trips seem that much easier.

How are you spending your Sunday?



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