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When you’re shopping for a family of five, with kids’ ages ranging from 1.5 years to 13 years, it’s key to find a store where everyone can find something they love.  It’s also important for our family to lure the toddlers into a shopping excursion with added bonuses (like putting greens, bicycles and activities).

Sport Chek Putting Green, Family Travel Guide

Before heading to #SneakerCon we visited SportChek, in Burlington, to get everyone outfitted in the latest and greatest athleisure attire — I mean, you can’t attend the world’s greatest Sneakerhead Convention in outdated gear (insert gasp here).

Just when I thought I had all of the kids sorted out in the store (with new shoes, tops and bottoms), staff pointed me to an entirely different section of the store with even more clothing.  My jaw hit the floor — Sport Chek doesn’t just sell popular sporting brands (like Nike, Adidas, New Balance and Asics), but they’ve also got an entire area dedicated to popular lifestyle trends — with everything from denim/jeans and printed leggings to knits and accessories.

I think the guys took longer than I did picking out their attire.  And, for those of you wondering about pricing (sometimes the thought of shopping for an entire family in a sporting goods store sounds intimidating) we were all pleasantly surprised.  Most of the shirts I picked out for myself (in current trends) ranged in price from $24 -$39.99 and footwear ranged from $89 – $114 (on average, for adults).

Noah scored the new Vans he’s been eyeing for a long time and we got our toddlers matching Nike training shoes.  A lot of you have messaged asking about the toddler converse – they cost $45 and are recommended more for fashion than for walking.

Family Travel Guide, Sport Chek

Noah picked out these deep red Vans

Family Travel Guide, toddler style

Harrison getting sized by Sport Chek staff

SportChek often has amazing sales, deals and features too (this weekend there was up to 60% off most merchandise as part of an anniversary sale so it was a great time to shop) It’s a great idea to sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss out.  They’ve also got a TON of stuff for women and girls.

Overall, we got the entire family outfitted, head-to-toe, in new, trendy, leisure looks for a great price. It was a great get-in-and-get-out type shop where staff were efficient, prices were on point, and all of the kids left smiling.  The little ones felt like they’d been in a small play space (they spent most of the time tossing around miniature foam balls and putting on the golf green) and our pre-teen was ready to rock Toronto’s first Sneaker Convention.

Happy Shopping everyone!

Family Travel Guide, Rick Campanelli

Family Travel Guide, Angie Campanelli

Head to toe Sport Chek attire…even the hip plaid shirt

Family Travel Guide, Noah Campanelli

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