Crayola’s Thank a Teacher Contest

Crayola wants to help you Thank a Teacher with a new initiative that will leave one lucky winner (and teacher and school) a grand prize of $17,000 worth of school supplies!

I know it’s not yet time to think about the school year, but creating a handmade card, to enter this contest, is a great rainy day activity.

This coming year is a big year for us; our four-year-old son is off to Junior Kindergarten for his first real school experience.  There’s a lot of emotions around that (as a stay at home mom) because he’s been under my primary care since day one.  It’s so bizarre to me to think that we just pass off our kids to a complete stranger who will then take over the full-day care of our offspring. I know a lot of people go through this transition with daycare so school isn’t much of a shock to them.  But, when you’re home day-in and day-out with your children, it’s a wee bit scary for both the adult and child.

I know that learning to trust my son’s teacher is a big step.  I also know that it’s a super exciting milestone and I can’t wait for him to experience it all and I’m not going to let my feelings get in the way.  To be honest, we know a lot of incredible teachers (most of our family is in the teaching profession) so we see first hand how much love and care is behind those classroom walls.

Did you know that, on average, Canadian teachers spend $453 of their own money on classroom supplies?  I know my aunt is always out shopping for innovative and fun games/apparatus for her phys-ed program.  Most teachers want the best for their students but they don’t always have the resources to make it happen.

To help celebrate teachers and all that they do, Crayola is on a mission to show teacher appreciation.

To enter the contest, simply create a thank you card for your favorite teacher and upload it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CrayolaThanks. You can also upload it to their website for the campaign and your child’s creation may be featured on their online gallery! Your child can create their own thank you card or use the free download on Crayola’s website.

There are incredible prizes for family, teachers and schools including a scholarship and classroom makeover!

So save this blog page for a rainy day activity and make sure you enter this fun content.  Contest ends Sept 7th, 2018.

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