Seuss Landing at Universal Resort, Orlando

If you’re looking for an ideal adventure land for toddlers, in Orlando, look no further than Seuss Landing in the “Islands of Adventure” area of Universal.

This section of the park was built in 1999 and is based on the wild and wacky world found in Dr. Seuss books.  We wanted to highlight this particular area of Universal because it’s actually designed for small children, which is sometimes difficult to find when you’re traveling with younger kids.

We’ve been here a couple of times and each visit feels so different because there’s so much to see and do.  We’ve visited with a pre-teen as well as a toddler and an infant (so we’ve now covered all bases) and there’s a lot for kids to do at any age.  We usually spend about two-three hours in this one area alone.

Some popular features:

  • The train ride that gives you an overhead view of the Seuss area
  • The Cat in the Hat attraction which is an indoor coaster style ride full of loud noises, pop-up characters and more
  • Character meet and greets with the famous Dr. Seuss characters
  • Wild and wacky colourful buildings and rides (so it’s great to keep babies minds occupied and stimulated)
  • Older teens and families don’t seem to come to this area much so it really is a kid-friendly zone where you can feel relaxed in letting your kids run around and play

Seuss Landing offers five signature attractions (rides) based on Dr. Seuss’s books. Although the headlining attraction is the Cat in the Hat Ride, try watching a few preview videos on YouTube (I wasn’t able to take any due to park restrictions).  It actually scared my three-year-old son (I had to cover his ears and he closed his eyes) but it was my fault because he wasn’t prepared for the darkness and loud noises.


If you’re visiting the park with a smaller child, this is the area with rides and attractions that will suit their size.  The One Fish, Two Fish attraction (similar to “Dumbo” at Disney) is suitable for small toddlers as is the carousel.

This is a great area to start things off for your family.

Please send us an email or message on our social media channels if you have any specific questions about taking your tots to Seuss Landing in Universal.

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