Thinking Thursday at Camp Campanelli

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What should we do today?  It’s Thinking Thursday at Camp Campanelli.  You’re likely noticing by now that we’ve come up with a theme for each day of the week.  We’re using those headings to help us plan our summer fun.

Today, it’s all about encouraging “thinking” and using brains for fun.  As most of you know, we’re a big board-game loving family.  We’ve been playing them with our families for generations.

What’s your favourite board game to play with your kids?

We love that there are so many great options for games that bring everyone together.  This fall, “Chow Crown” from Hasbro hits stores and there’s already a ton of buzz about it.  World renowned influencers have tested it out and created videos that garnered a lot of buzz.

How does it work?  In a nut shell, you put this adjustable crown on your head.  You can see there are little plastic forks attached to it.  Simply fill the forks with marshmallows, fruit, mini sandwiches (anything that will stay on them) and press play.  Music plays and the person wearing the crown has to eat as many items as they can before the song stops. 

It’s a lot harder (and more funny) than it looks.  So, just imagine the fun you’d have with your family.

Our adult twist: put some lesser attractive foods on the forks (foods your family doesn’t enjoy at all) and when the music stops, whatever fork is in front of the person’s mouth, they eat.  It’s more of a “dare” type format to the game.

Do you try to put a personal spin on classic games to switch them up?

Happy Thinking Thursday from Camp Campanelli.  It’s time to get creative and use those minds…

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