Teaching jitters

Tomorrow I’m scheduled to speak at Humber College (for two classes).  I love that this opportunity came on #InternationalWomen’sDay.  The professor I connected with is also a woman who has her hand in so many pots, it’s truly amazing (radio host, entrepreneur, mom, college prof, band and so on)

I’ve done many keynote talks in front of large crowds and for some reason that seems easier to me (in my mind) than trying to engage today’s student body.  I’ve always wanted to teach though (at a university/college level) so in a way tomorrow is a bucket list moment for me.

I made a power point presentation, multiple sets of notes and tried to think like I did as a student.  But times have changed so much. I feel like if I am not popping up on their screen, out of an app, I’ll totally lose them all.  lol

I’ll let you know how it goes!!



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