Road Trippin’ to Ottawa (tips)

We kicked off the long weekend season (late Spring/Summer in Canada) with a road trip to an Ottawa suburb.  Rick was away in Los Angeles for work (interviewing stars like Jeffrey Rush and Chris Pine) so I was in charge of packing up the luggage, car and kids all on my lonesome (did I mention that we’re also trying to sell our home so I had to leave it in open-house condition?).

I traveled four hours with a 12-year-old, three-year-old and one-year-old in the back of our manatee (minivan).

Was I nervous for the journey?  Sort of.  But as a seasoned parent, I knew I’d pull it off.

Here’s what made it the grand success that it was:

(1) Car was stocked with fun activities and snacks

(2) I broke up the trip with some fun pit stops (like Jungle Cat World, but even the service station will do — it’s new and different to kids)

(3) Screens.  A lot of people tell us that they do a lot of their travel without technology, which is amazing, but it can honestly help in a big way.  Load up on educational apps, games and activities if you’re not fond of shows/movies

(4) Gassed up the day before departure

(5) Packed up the car the night before departure so I only had to focus on the kids

(6) We left first thing in the morning and got breakfast on the road.  Eating McDonald’s breakfast in the car helped occupy a lot of their time and kicked things off on a high note for the kids.


How did you spend your long weekend?





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