Rethinking Travel with Two


I was chatting with sleep consultant Alanna McGinn, of Goodnight Sleep Site, and we ended up discussing travel (she has three little ones as well). It’s funny, when we had baby Jack, we hopped on a plane at every opportunity, but as soon as we had two little ones, two and under, I now back down way more often.

Alanna agreed.  With one, travel is nerve-wracking but still doable.  The biggest hurdle is overcoming your own fears as a parent (what to pack, how to manage a flight, sleep schedules and so on).  But, as soon as you’re dealing with two (or more) young ones, everything changes.

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Now, we have to think about two cribs, two high chairs, three rooms (the kids are too far apart in age to share a room), toys, schedules and more.

In the first three months, we tackled Bahamas, Chicago and St. Thomas (USVI).  But after realizing just how much work it really is to take two nuggets with us, I’ve since declined a lot of travel.

Alanna says it’s the same with her.  Not only to you have to think about equipment (like cribs and high chairs) but you also have to consider cost (only suites are large enough to accommodate growing families).

Our solution has become home rentals.  A lot of people shy away from it because they’re not sure how to approach it, but we’ve rented residences in very popular places (like Orlando, Florida) and always been happy with your choice.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) and Airbnb, which are the most popular sites for home rentals.

If you’re still unsure of how to proceed, check out our tips here for booking home accommodations.

How do you manage travel with multiple little ones?  Did you find it slowed you down?

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