Potty Training Setback

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We’re in the midst of potty training our toddler.  It’s my first go-round at this milestone and I can’t say I’m that good at it.  I’m making my fair share of mistakes and compiling advice as I go along.

The most recent err occurred over the holidays.  We had so many long road trips lined up (ranging from four-hours one way to seven hours) that I tossed aside the Pull-Ups and went back to diapers.  I figured it would be easier on everyone if I didn’t have to worry about travel messes.

Sure, in the moment, it all worked well.  We didn’t even bother to change the diaper on a few of the road trips (because we used the over nights).

The issue was returning home and realizing that potty training is everything opposite to learning to ride a bike.  Toddlers don’t remember.  They don’t hop on and do it all over again as though they never stopped.

Essentially, we are now back to square one.  The issues this time are much greater though because the rewards are no longer as exciting.  My son knows the drill and doesn’t find the end outcome as stimulating as he did before.  Now, he’s asking for bigger treats, snazzier toy rewards and so on.

I’ve posted about this on our social media to compile some tips from other families. Check out their words of wisdom here.

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