Off-Season Travel Caution

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Visiting a top travel destination in the off-season is a highly sought out option for many families looking to vacation on a budget. It’s a great way to see and do the more popular things without paying a premium.  Resorts are often quieter, lines are shorter, and weather might even be more optimal (less hot for example).

But there are some factors to consider before booking your off-season vacation:

(1) Flight frequency.  A lot of times, there are reduced flights to certain destinations in the low-season.  So, ensure that you can get a decent flight at a good price before booking your resort.

(2) Check resort amenities.  In the quieter times, resorts often shut down certain operations, meaning fewer restaurant options, reduced hours, reduced staff, fewer activities etc.  Make sure the integrity of your trip isn’t compromised by visiting somewhere when it’s under maintenance, during hurricane season, or in between seasons.

(3) Research local attractions before you book.  Don’t forget to look beyond the parameters of your resort in terms of what’s open/closed during your proposed travel dates.  We recently went on a quick vacation with expectations of visiting a theme park, checking our local shops/restaurants, and everything was still closed up until peak season.  This can be a major let down if one of the reasons your traveling somewhere is for a specific attraction.

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(4) Lower your expectations.  Often times we expect to receive the same service (I know I do) no matter when we travel.  But, if you get excited about different things (shorter lines, less crowing, better room options) and think less about things like top of the line service, a variety of food options etc. you’ll likely take away more positive vibes from your trip.

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(5) Construction?! Find out whether the resort or hotel is undergoing any major renovations during your proposed travel dates.  The noise, detours and annoyance can off set any cost-savings.

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