My First Appearance on CTV’s The Social


2015-11-02 12.22.19

A true “head” shot. haha

Today, I joined two amazing ladies (Heather Greenwood Davis and Jenna G) on CTV’s popular talk show, The Social, for their first ever parenting panel.


2015-11-02 12.21.11

23 weeks pregnant

Fortunately, we sat among an engaged, captivated audience who nodded along and interacted with us throughout the segment.  We moms covered everything from the pressure to be the perfect mom to our lousy parenting moments.


As you can tell from the photos, there was a lot of laughter despite the serious topics.  The Social provided a forum for moms to chat about topics we all buzz about often. I honestly forgot I was even on television and just fell in to the normal routine of girlfriend chat.

2015-11-02 12.22.08

If you missed the segment, clink on the link here.  You’ll get to hear Melissa Grelo and Traci Melchor share their parenting experience as well as the candid stories from we moms.

Hopefully this becomes a regular feature as I know a lot of moms love this show and could really benefit from hearing how the rest of us handle the day to day…



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