A Penny for a Smile

We’ve all heard the saying, “a penny for your thoughts?”  Well, how about a smile?  A laugh?

These days, a penny doesn’t get your much. In fact, they’ve now been removed from Canadian currency.  But, throughout the United States, I’ve come across some old-fashioned fun that put the wee, copper piece to good use — penny rides.



I remember the first time I saw one of these classic pony rides, approximately one year ago.  I could see the glaring “1 cent” sign from the cash register area in a grocery store.  I walked over half expecting to see the crossed out penny fee with a more updated $1 sign.  To my surprise, the ride still cost one cent.




I love stumbling across these fun treasures when traveling.  They’re like hidden gems.  I feel like it gives kids a taste of that pure, innocent joy that childhood should be made of.

I’m very grateful that some places still understand the value of a smile.


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